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Below is an explanation of what the Workshops entail. To find out where and when Workshops will be held, please click here

Professional Course – “Be Activated” for Therapists and Trainers

For physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, doctors, biokinetisists, personal trainers, athletic coaches and trainers, and Pilates trainers.

Level 1
Courses are run over 2 days and are very fast moving and interactive. They are also very challenging and powerful so you will find yourself re-evaluating much of your current thinking. We believe you must not take our word for anything; you need to feel it! So every concept and technique taught in these courses give you an opportunity to feel and experience the ideas and activations yourself.

We always start with finding out who you are. This has two very important parts to it, firstly understanding the audience is important, so we know how to direct and teach the workshop, and finding out people’s stories is very important when working with clients so you will find yourself in an interactive interview and teaching process immediately. We have found that it is often in the asking of the right questions that you find out the real need and issue that your client presents with, rather than a stock standard subjective and objective assessment we have all been trained to do and which in most cases, sheds no light on the real problem. We are constantly asking the question ‘why?’

Voltaire once said, ‘When you understand the why, the how is easy’

So we believe if you have a greater understanding of the why, the application of any techniques or exercises has far greater meaning and therefore far greater effectiveness.
Then start looking at the 123 principles and their assessment. It is so powerfully effective in getting an overall understanding of the why in the mechanism driving what we see our client presenting.
We then move on to mind and body concepts, done in a practical environment (again- don’t take our word for it – feel it for yourself)
We then begin the activation techniques, beginning in the breathing system, then moving down the body sequence, firstly the legs in the sagitall plane, then frontal plane and then rotational before we move up into the abdomen, trunk and upper body.
Then we tie it altogether in an exercise on the Butt Bungi and make sure the body knows where zone 1 is through movement.


What you will take away from level 1:
• A powerful new understanding of the body and its incredible ability to shift immediately when the right techniques and concepts are applied.
• Understanding of the 123 principles and how they can be applied in your practice with your clients
• Strong assessment tools of muscle function
• Powerful activation tools that will give you measurable changes in strength, power, flexibility, endurance, speed balance and co-ordination as well as overall structural and functional changes with your clients.
• Application into movement with the Butt Bungi
• Most importantly – you will have received all these gifts for yourself first by practically going through the workshop. Often people completing the level 1 program comment that the changes they experienced for themselves made the workshop worth doing. Your clients can now benefit, because you have experienced it.

Level 2
This course is designed to deepen your knowledge from level 1 and address any difficulties you may be having with applying the work with your clients. We revise and add additional activation techniques which will move you through these difficulties. Once we have answered all questions and niggles we start to expand the application and what we look at in our work.
We look at visual field-stressors, transformation zone testing and activating, and exercise analysis (the participants choose the exercises; we analyse – identify the limitation and change it into a 123 pattern). As always we do a before and after so we can see which works more effectively and its impact on the body. This aspect can be disturbing as sometimes we see almost ridiculous changes by doing a 2 minute exercise the right way!

As always the program is about learning, but also having fun, and the two work best together. Level 2 expands participants minds more than they thought possible, which is surprising to them given that level 1 has already pushed the envelope for most people.

You must have completed the Level 1 course to be eligible to attend this course.