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More about Muscle Activation…

Be Activated is a powerful series of hands on techniques that bring instant improvements in movement, reductions in pain and improved function. In short, patients and clients love them and we have some great evidence to demonstrate this…. whatever your job: physiotherapist, personal trainer, Pilates instructor, sports therapist, chiropractor or osteopath. These techniques are for everyone, the very old and the very young, the fit and healthy, the weak and sick. Using simple principles of how the body should function and facilitating the body into these patterns, we get great gains across the board.

Developed and taught by Douglas Heel through his kinesiology and physiotherapy background, it is used globally in a wide variety of settings from elderly patients to elite sportspersons and celebrity sports people including John McEnroe and Sean Connery.

The main objective is for you to take the course, to be confident and to understand how you are going to use these techniques to benefit your patients / clients, teach them to use them and get great results, simple as that that! The philosophy will provide the framework and the techniques will then slip in seamlessly.

Based on a simple 123 philosophy of sequencing, we get an understanding of why the body breaks down and becomes dysfunctional. We then have a series of simple functional tests which highlight treatable problems such as weakness, poor muscle patterning and reduced range of movement. Manual techniques which require no great force can then be applied in any position to any individual. The tests give you an objective measure to guide your effect, which is instant. If it works, it works immediately. The simple treatment exercises (which only take a few seconds) can then be taught to your patient to continue at home so they can continue the effect. Much like we all have different postures, so the body can be held in some positions that are helpful and others less so. Associated tension can limit muscle strength and movement. Douglas has found common findings or patterns, which he terms ‘defensive’ patterns, which give these limitations. Douglas will share this with you how to ‘activate’ these muscles and release these defensive patterns. Instantly measureable benefits include increased muscle power and increased range of movement. More so, it is not only used for treating injuries and enhancing sporting performance, but it is a great tool too for stress management and giving a therapeutic window in breaking the patterns of chronic pain commonly encountered in patients.

For more information click on the links below. They will take you to a selection of videos on YouTube
Adductor activation: Level 1 adductor activation
Calf & tibialis: Level 1 Calf and Tibialis activation
Or visit and search for Douglas Heel – there is a large amount of information available to help you get a better understanding of what the work entails.

This course has been taught in South Africa, US, UK, Spain, Australia, India and United Arab Emirates to over 2000 participants.

If you would like some simple, low effort techniques that will give lasting changes to your patients on an on- going basis then this course is for you. If you experience frustration with some of the techniques and results you currently get and want more, then this course is for you. Finally, if you are looking for something different to challenge your assumptions, then absolutely, this course is for you.

You will be introduced to the concept of Be Activated and the body’s response to stress will be considered. Relaxation will then be discussed and linked into the Activation process. You will then be guided through a sequenced treatment process from the trunk through to the lower limb and upper limb. There is plenty of time for practice, questions and more practice. The goal is to leave you fully equipped to apply these techniques with your clients and to be confident in the results. These techniques are not confined to the clinic but can be applied anywhere anytime, giving you flexibility and also empowering your patients.
The world wants instant gratification. Clients more than ever demand to see and feel results. The Be Activated system meets the needs of your client by offering immediate, measurable results that will offer them significant relief and improved function as you work with them. Clients certainly get excited by the work and tell their friends – powerful marketing for you in your business.